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US Army Medical Command Fiscal Year 2022 Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA) and Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay Guidance (VSIP) Applications recurring through 31 Aug 22

As the U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) continues with restructuring efforts and transition of Civilians to the Defense Health Agency, it is critical that we utilize workforce shaping tools appropriately in the best interest of the Government, and only when final organizational decisions are made. Workforce reshaping programs are management tools, not employee entitlements. Voluntary separation incentives may be used to downsize or restructure the civilian workforce and to create vacancies for the placement of employees impacted by Reduction­ in-Force (RIF). Downsizing incentives may be offered when the acceptance of an incentive avoids civilian involuntary separations. Restructuring may be used in situations where there is a valid need to modify the major duties, occupational series, and/or grade of a position or multiple positions, to meet future mission needs.

For More Information, application and required documents to submit please click on the below links.

Department of Defense Instruction 1400.25

Policy Memorandum VERA/VSIP FY22

Procedural Guidance VERA/VSIP FY22

Application Form VERA/VSIP FY22

Downsizing Restructure Plan VERA/VSIP FY22

Service Computation Worksheet VERA/VSIP FY22

Feature Career Field Spotlight!

The AMEDD Civilian Corps is launching monthly informative webinars with each Army Career Field. These Informative webinar sessions will include Career Field Leadership, Focus on Career Field Goals & Priorities, Talent Management, Career Progression Paths, Training, Education & Professional Development for one hour via A-365 MS Teams.

- Dec 21 - Education & Information Sciences

- Jan 22 - Human Capital & Resource Management

- Feb 22 - Professional Resources

- Mar 22 - Medical

- Apr 22 - Construction, Engineering & Analysis

- May 22 - Digital Technology

- Jun 22 - Science, Engineering & Analysis

- Jul 22 - Logistics

- Aug 22 - Installations

- Sep 22 - Contracting

We encourage all Civilians to attend their Career Field's webinar! Questions can be sent to the AMEDD Civilian Corps at: usarmy.jbsa.medical-coe.mbx.civilian-corps-chief@army.mil

Iron Majors Week - Suspense Tuesday 30 November

The Iron Majors Week is an AMEDD-Sponsored event. The course provides exposure to a variety of inter-professional and inter-agency activities. Attendees will participate in discussions and observe presentations which will build the critical knowledge and experience that will enable participants to address future complex issues within Army Medicine.

ELIGIBILITY - permanent, full-time Army Medicine civilian employee in grades GS 12-13 or equivalent who have displayed outstanding leadership, the ability to mentor others, and consistently demonstrate the skills, attributes, and potential needed to shape the future growth and initiatives of Army Medicine. want to develop and enhance your Leadership capabilities, this opportunity is for you. Keep a look out for the upcoming announcement and application window! Tentatively Scheduled for 28 Mar-1 Apr 22. Click HERE for more information and the Application Form. Suspense for Applications: 30 Nov 2021

Junior Leader Course - Suspense Tuesday 30 November

The Junior Leader Course is an AMEDD-Sponsored event. The course is designed to provide attendees a deeper understanding of Army Medicine and will include exposure to a variety of inter-professional and developmental activities. Participants will engage in discussions and observe presentations which will build critical knowledge and expertise that will enable them to address future complex issues within Army Medicine and the DOD.

ELIGIBILITY - permanent, full-time Army Medicine civilian employee in grades GS 09-11 or equivalent who demonstrate skills, attributes, and potential required to become future leaders in the AMEDD. Keep a look out for the upcoming announcement and application window! Tentatively Scheduled for 1-6 May 2022. Click HERE for more information and the Application Form. Suspense for Applications: 30 Nov 2021

Army Medical Department Civilian Corps virtual Mentorship Program - Suspense 3 Dec

The AMEDD Civilian Corps is pleased to announce the call for applications for the AMEDD Mentorship Program, scheduled to launch virtually in January 2022.

The AMEDD Mentorship program helps develop a well-rounded workforce & provides an opportunity for employees to improve leadership, managerial & technical skills. It is designed to encourage employees to seek personal & professional development, to increase competitiveness & to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment. Participants gain experience & knowledge aligned with the five Executive Core Qualifications: Leading change, Leading people, Results driven, Business acumen and Building Coalitions. The Mentorship Program addresses these qualifications through formal training events, developmental/shadow assignments, self-development, team-based problem solving and formal mentoring.

This opportunity is open to all AMEDD Civilians in the following categories: - Mentees – Open to GS-01 through GS-13 and equivalent - Mentors – Open to GS-13 through GS-15 and equivalent - Senior Mentors – Open to GS-14 and GS-15 and equivalent
This year-long program does not require a mobility agreement.
Application Suspense: Friday 3 Dec click HERE for Application. Questions can be directed to the AMEDD Civilian Corps at: usarmy.jbsa.medical-coe.mbx.civilian-corps-chief@army.mil

Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute Intermediate Executive Skills Course (JMESI-IESC) Suspense: 3 December 2021

The AMEDD Civilian Corps is pleased to announce the call for applications for the Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute, Intermediate Executive Skills Courses (JMESI-IES) scheduled virtually for 7-10 Feb 2022.

The JMESI-IES Course provides education and training on leadership and management skills necessary to successfully serve in an intermediate-level leadership position within a DHA medical treatment facility (MTF). The course is designed to facilitate attainment of selected Joint Medical Executive Skills core competencies as identified by a Tri-Service review board of MHS senior leaders. This course will be held three times per year using a blended two-phase format.

Phase One: Students must complete 14 web-based training modules prior to phase two.

Phase Two: Students attend 4-day virtual course.

Target Audience: Army Medicine Civilian employees serving in an intermediate-level (department-level) leadership position; GS 11 and above, or equivalent.

Eligibility: AMEDD Civilians in mid to senior level management positions (GS 11 and above, or equivalent) who desire to develop and enhance their healthcare management capabilities.

For Application click HERE

2021 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) Now Open through 3 Dec 2021 – YOUR VOICE MATTERS!

The 2021 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) has opened! If you meet the eligibility requirements (non-political, non-contractor employee on board with Army as of April 2021), you may be selected as part of the survey’s sample population. If you receive the survey, Please take a few minutes of your time to take the survey!

-The Recent Efforts flyer, which describes the policy changes that Army has made over the last several years in response to FEVS data. See exactly how your feedback helps determine policy changes on an Army-wide level!

-The Best Places to Work flyer, a key reminder of the FEVS questions that help determine Army’s place in the annual federal Best Places to Work rankings. Help Army claim the top spot in the DoD!

Things to remember about the FEVS: -WINDOW: 2 November through 3 December -ELIGIBILITY: Non-political, non-contractor employees onboard with the Army as of April 2021. -SURVEY POPULATION: A sample population of Civilians who meet the above eligibility requirements will receive an invitation to complete the FEVS. Not all employees in all Commands will receive the survey, so it is imperative that those who receive it complete it.
-SURVEY INVITATON: The survey link with start with the URL https://feedback.opm.gov. If you have access to both army.mil and mail.mil email addresses, please check both of your inboxes for the survey.


-For Army Civilians: EVAR@OPM.GOV

-For USACE Civilians: EVAC@OPM.GOV

-SURVEY EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: The subject line will read “[Non-DoD Source] The 2021 OPM Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.”

-CONFIDENTIALITY: The Office of Personnel and Management (OPM) does not provide the Army with individual responses. Results are only reported in aggregate form.

-LENGTH: Approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.

-FEVS Technical Assistance: After the survey kickoff, employees can send an email to the FEVS Help Desk to determine their eligibility or to report any technical issues. Army Civilians should email EVAR@OPM.GOV and USACE Civilians should email EVAC@OPM.GOV.

-Changes to the 2021 FEVS: This year’s survey will include questions on the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic items will enable us to collect data to inform policy and guidance and assess our mission continuity and delivery of critical services. With the inclusion of these additional questions, the traditional core FEVS content has been streamlined and shortened. Your feedback is more critical than ever and will inform policy and programs across the federal government, now and in the future.

Federal Employees Health Benefits Open Season November 8 through December 13, 2021

Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) open season is the time of year to ensure that you have the right health, dental, or vision insurance coverage for you and your family. This year’s FEHB open season begins from November 8 to December 13, 2021. For more information on eligibility, enrollment, plan comparison, premium information and much more, visit the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) website: https://www.opm.gov/healthcare-insurance.

Federal Employees Health Benefits Open Season Flyer

AMEDD Wolf Pack Award Nominations - 1QFY22 Suspense 31 Dec 21

Nominations are still being accepted for the 1QFY22 Wolf Pack Award. Anyone can nominate a team for this award, with Command endorsement. Click below to download the Wolf Pack Nomination Form. Submit completed forms via email to AMEDD Civilian Corps Chief at anytime throughout the quarter. Nominations must be received by the
last working day of the month for consideration of the award for that quarter. Check out the Wolf Pack page for more information: https://ameddciviliancorps.amedd.army.mil/wolf-pack-award

Enterprise Leader Development Program Suspense 5 January

The AMEDD Civilian Corps through continued partnership with Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) announces the call for applications for the Enterprise Leader Development Program (ELDP).

Eligibility: Target Audience: Army Medicine Civilian employees GS 11-14 through GS-14 and equivalent. The ELDP is Army Medicine's highly competitive 2-year Civilian Leader Development Program for emerging Civilian leaders GS 11-14. The program is designed to develop participants in the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) leadership competencies listed under the Executive Core Competencies (ECQ’s) and the fundamental competencies. The ELDP provides Army Medicine with a pool of developing leaders with improved competitiveness for management and leadership roles. The ELDP builds a stronger bench of emerging leaders with potential for assignments of greater responsibility.

Click HERE for more information and application process.

Aspiring Leader Development Program - Suspense 5 January

The AMEDD Civilian Corps is pleased to announce the call for applications for the AMEDD Aspiring Leader Development Program, scheduled to launch virtually in April 2022.

The AMEDD Aspiring Leader Development Program is designed to build and strengthen technical and leadership competencies, broaden skills, and create competent, confident Army civilians. It consists of a 3-day virtual orientation followed by a one-year program of education, training, and experiential learning opportunities to be accomplished while employees maintain their current positions. The program will introduce you to a wealth of developmental resources. There is no promotion or change in job directly associated with this program. It will, however, provide you with the space to reflect on your future goals and become intentional on your career journey by developing and executing an individualized developmental plan (IDP) that supports and directs you towards your goals. In addition it will enhance your developmental journey.

ELIGIBILITY - permanent, full-time Army Medicine civilian employee in grades GS 04 -10 or equivalent

Click HERE for more information and the Application Form.

AMEDD Resilience and Burnout Prevention Program

The Surgeon General is launching an AMEDD Resilience and Burnout Prevention Program. The goals of this program are to provide AMEDD personnel with knowledge and skills to promote adaptive and flexible leadership, to enhance stress response skills in operational stress settings and strengthen AMEDD personnel trust in their leadership. A key step in the development of this program is completion of an AMEDD Resilience and Burnout Prevention Assessment for all Army Medical Command personnel within and subordinate to Regional Health Commands (RHCs) and Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs).

Between September 2021 and January 2022, MEDCOM executes an online AMEDD Resiliency and Burnout Prevention Assessment of all military and civilian personnel at all MSC/RHC and subordinate units, including MAP personnel working in AMEDD organizations in order to establish a baseline of burnout in AMEDD personnel and inform efforts to develop the AMEDD Resilience and Burnout Prevention Program.

For More information on the AMEDD Resiliency and Burnout Prevention Program click on the below links:

OPORD 21-51 AMEDD Resiliency and Burnout Prevention Assessment.
ANNEX B AMEDD Resiliency Needs Assessment Survey.

Army Medicine Developmental Assignment Program

The AMEDD Civilian Corps is pleased to announce the first AMEDD virtual Developmental Assignment opportunities are advertised on the Army Medicine Developmental Assignment Program Portal! The Portal can be accessed on MilSuite at: https://www.milsuite.mil/book/groups/amedd-developmental-assignment-portal

Open Opportunities:

Marketing & Outreach Specialist, GS-1101-11/13 - 90 Days (virtual); Click HERE for Application and Information.

Developmental Assignment Program Coordinator, GS-0301-11/13 - 90 Days (virtual); Click HERE For Application and Information.

Program Management Specialist, GS-0301-14/15 - 90 Days (virtual). Click HERE For Application and Information.

Portal access requires a Common Access Card & membership, if you are interested in the current Developmental Assignment opportunities or learning more about the program become a member & watch the Portal for upcoming announcements!

For more information please review OTSG/MEDCOM PM 21-008, Army Medicine Development Assignment Program (DAP) with enclosures. The policy applies to permanent MEDCOM Civilian employees in grades GS-07 through GS-15, or equivalent including Appropriated and Non-Appropriated fund. The DAP is intended to promote the expanded use of developmental assignments in support of the MEDCOM Talent Management Program.

Through a phased approach, the AMEDD Civilian Corps Office will partner with Region/MSC/MTFs to identify/host developmental assignment opportunities. The program will offer training and developmental opportunities that will develop a highly qualified workforce capable of performing current and future career functions. In an effort to promote the use of developmental assignments and career broadening opportunities in support of the Army People Strategy Civilian Implementation Plan and Talent Management, this program will offer training and development opportunities for professional growth of the Army Medicine Civilian workforce. Please direct questions to the Civilian Corps Office: usarmy.jbsa.medical-coe.mbx.civilian-corps-chief@army.mil

Army Medicine DAP MOU - ENCL 1

Army Medicine DAP Supervisor Endorsement Memo - ENCL 2

Army Medicine Continued Service Agreement - ENCL 3

Army Medicine DAP Announcement Form - ENCL 4

Army Medicine DAP Application Checklist - ENCL 5

Do you aspire to join the Senior Executive Service (SES)? This 45 minute Quarterly Lunch & Learn will share the steps to become a senior executive!

This FREE virtual seminar will familiarize attendees with the SES hiring process, provide an increased understanding of the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) & how they apply to the SES hiring, provide strategies for writing strong ECQ narratives & resumes & guide participants through drafting a personal action plan to prepare for becoming a member of the SES. The 2021 seminars are 11 August & 10 November, 2022 are scheduled for 9 February, 11 May & 10 August. Register soon these seminars fill fast https://www.research.net/r/seslunchandlearn

Ready to be an SES right now? Consider enrolling in one of these courses coming soon HERE!

3QFY21 AMEDD Wolf Pack Award Winner

Congratulations to the US Army Public Health Center (APHC), Directorate of Laboratory Sciences (LS), located within the Army Public Health Laboratory Enterprise (APHLE), COVID-19 Pooled Surveillance Implementation Team, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. The APHC COVID-19 Pooled Surveillance Implementation Team is comprised of 46 Army Active Duty military and Department of the Army Civilians. In response to the global pandemic, the APHC COVID-19 Pooled Surveillance Implementation Team rapidly implemented and expanded the SARS-CoV-2 pooled surveillance testing capability using accredited methods to identify asymptomatic individuals in military communities to isolate potentially infectious individuals reducing further transmission and clinical testing burden on Army laboratories. You can read more on the accomplishments and impacts the Pooled Surveillance Implementation Team made within the COVID-19 arena, Army Medicine and the Army by clicking HERE. Congratulation TEAM!

Army Management Staff College (AMSC) - Civilian Education System (CES):

The Civilian Education System (CES) is a progressive and sequential leader development program that provides enhanced educational opportunities for Army Civilians throughout their careers. Army Civilians will become multi-skilled, agile leaders of the 21st Century who personify the Warrior Ethos in all aspects, from warfighting support, to statesmanship, to enterprise management.

**UPDATE NEW FY22 CES Schedule released!!

The NEW FY22 CES Schedule is available HERE. As of 1 Nov 21


How to register for CES via new CHRTAS link click HEREfor more instructions (https://www.atrrs.army.mil/CHRTAS )

General Enrollment & Planning Information can be found HERE

Please continue to check the AMSC website for further updates at: https://usacac.army.mil/organizations/cace/amsc

Thank you for your patience as AMSC continues to seek new ways in building virtual communities of support.

FY 22 Army Civilian Career Management Activity Catalog

Please find the FY 22 Army Civilian Career Management Activity Catalog You may find additional information related to topics such as Army Career Tracker, Civilian Education System, Army Competitive Professional Development Programs, Academic Degree Training, Application Forms, Checklists and More.

Check out the newly designed portal related to Career Programs. Go to "Communities" section at: https://actnow.army.mil/

Contact the AMEDD Civilian Corps Office with questions.


AMEDD Civilian Corps Newsletter

The AMEDD Civilian Corps Connection issue #5 is here. It is filled with information of all the happenings within the AMEDD Civilian Corps. Take a peek at all the work the Corps has been busy with these past few weeks. Please provide us with your feedback on what you would like to see in future issues. The Corps is always looking to enhance communication with our fellow Army Medicine Civilians. As always we ask you to please share with your peers, colleagues, supervisors and managers both Civilian and Active duty Military.

Army Civilian Career Management

Check out the latest Army Civilian Career Management Activity (ACCMA) Newsletter for the most recent information on career management updates!

TriService Nursing Research Program (TSNRP) Newsletter

The TSNRP Newsletter is published twice each year by the TriService Nursing Research Program. it is also available online at www.usuhs.edu/tsnrp/newsletters.

AMEDD Civilian Corps Facebook Page

The AMEDD Civilian Corps has launched its new social media FACEBOOK page. The Army Medicine workforce can stay connected from anywhere in the world with a click of a mouse. With features including the latest information updates related to Corps programs and initiatives, Civilian Education Training and Leader Development opportunities, Coaching, Mentoring, Self-Development, Career Programs and more. The Corps Facebook page was also created to stay in touch and get information on Talent Management, Employee Engagement to include a variety of health topics, including sleep, activity, nutrition, injury prevention and emotional health. Please visit, LIKE and SHARE the Corps Facebook Page.

Expeditionary Civilian Workforce (ECW) Program Opportunities

The Department of Defense Expeditionary Workforce Program is seeking volunteers for certain deployment opportunities, in support of military operations and missions within the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) area of responsibility. The Expeditionary Civilian Workforce (ECW) is a volunteer program for Army Civilians wishing to support Military operations and gain experience from the field. The ECW program DOES NOT offer promotions or permanent jobs with the deployment opportunity. Employees remain in their current position and deploy in a temporary travel status.

The deployed environment requires the ability to work in austere areas with limited access to medical facilities. As a result, all deploying Civilians must meet stringent medical standards and not have any substantially limiting medical conditions. Because of COVID-19 risks, Civilians who are age 65 or older are not eligible for deployment at this time to the CENTCOM AOR and Civilians who are age 60-64 must have an exception to policy to deploy to Afghanistan. Encourage all employees to review "MOD 15" details of the CENTCOM medical requirements attached below. Civilians from all types of occupations are needed to support our deployed forces and we have a need for more applications! This is an opportunity to truly make a difference! Will you answer the call?

Click HERE for the list of opportunities.

For application process and documentation required click HERE

Click HERE to review details of the CENTCOM medical requirements.

Click HERE to review the MEDCOM ECW Policy.

For additional information please send your inquires to the mailbox below:


Army Career Tracker Lunch and Learn (L2) Sessions

The Army Career Tracker has transitioned to Army 365 Teams. You can attend via Teams or view a past recorded session. Click or copy and paste the link to access the Army Career Tracker A365 TEAM

The Army Career Tracker (ACT) Information Outreach team conducts ACT L2 Lunch and Learn Training sessions. ACT 101 is designed for anyone that is new to ACT or needs to complete an IDP. ACT 201 training sessions target more advanced users, admins and community owners.

Lunch and Learn Training (ACT 101 & ACT 201) Schedule.

AMEDD Cadre of Mentors

What have you learned about leadership, career development, ethics and values, work ethic and coaching during your career? Would you be interested in sharing those lessons by becoming a mentor/senior mentor to other up and coming members of our Corps?  Here` s your opportunity do so! Our demand for mentors continues to grow and our need for great leaders willing to share their knowledge and experience continues to grow.  So, the AMEDD Civilian Corps is always looking for those willing to give back and provide mentoring to junior civilians.  We need Mentors in grades GS13-15 and equivalent as well as Senior Mentors, grades GS 14-15 or equivalent.  If you are interested, please send your name and contact information to usarmy.jbsa.medical-coe.mbx.mentorship@army.mil with "Cadre of Mentors" in the subject line.

Nomination Call for Army Medicine Proud - Pride in the Patch Award

The Surgeon General and Commanding General, United States Army Medical Command, and Command Sergeant Major, United States Army Medical Command, request your support in nominating personnel to be recognized for their achievements, contributions and example in support of Army Medicine Proud - Pride in the Patch. Awardees will be recognized during our upcoming awards ceremonies. For more information, click HERE

Army Medical Regimental Recognition Program

OTSG/MEDCOM Policy Memo 21-033 dated 28 Jun 21 reference the Army Medical Regimental Recognition Program. The policy memo assists in perpetuating the history and traditions of the AMEDD Regiment and enhance unit morale and esprit, the Army Medical Department Regiment provides for the recognition of individuals who have contributed to the mission of Regiment. All nominations with supporting documentation (please remove PII info, i.e. SSN), if required should be forwarded to the AMEDD Regimental Office via electronic mail at the following: usarmy.jbsa.medical-coe.list.amedd--regiment@mail.mil (NOTE the double hyphen between AMEDD and Regiment).

Cover Letter Distinguished Member of the Regiment (DMOR) Template

Cover Letter Honorary Member of the Regiment (HMOR) Template

Cover Letter Friend of the Regiment (FOR) Template

For More Information on the AMEDD Regiment Click HERE The website provides more information on other recognition that supports unit morale and esprit de corps.